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Mongolia: The land of blue sky

This huge country, equivalent to 5 times France, is a real dream destination for nature lovers. There, the eyes escape, the imagination works in a silence only disturbed by the breath of wind. Two and a half million inhabitants ... and millions of horses, yaks, sheep, goats and camels. Take your team or customers to Mongolia and you will experience unique and unforgettable moments!

> Ideal group size: from 20 to 80 people


> Ideal period: from May to September to avoid the freezing temperatures of winter, up to -40 degrees!


> Duration: 5 days minimum


> Access: a 10 hours flight from Paris, with stopover


> Activity ideas:

o The experience of a mythical horse ride among the sacred graves of the ancient nomadic warriors

o Organization of a local Naadam, Mongolian Olympic Games with wrestling, archery or horse racing

o An encounter with families of nomadic breeders

o A construction of yurts challenge

o A hike with sled dogs on the frozen river in winter

o A 4 × 4 tour on the ice

o Travel and night in the Trans-Mongolian train

o A lunch in the heart of the red canyon

o A memorable dinner under a yurt and the popular ball of the national military band around a big fire and then a fireworks show under the stars lights!


> Budget: from € 2,500 per person