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Voyages Gallia

Lufthansa City Center Business Travel

Telephone: +33 179 828 001

16 Rue Cécile Brunschvicg,
31200 Toulouse

The expertise of our agents for the management and optimization of your business travels.


Business travels are often a source of stress for your co-workers and a significant cost factor in your overhead expenses.

Our missions:

  • Apply the chosen travel policy
  • Explain the economic stakes on each order
  • Analyze the realized savings and identify additional opportunities

Our guarantees:

  • Always identify the most economical solution in accordance with your travel policy
  • Get the support of the travelers to your program thanks to a quality service provided daily
  • We commit to controling your expenses and providing you a precise steering of your travel budget thanks to:
    • An experienced team: 2 business teams in Ile de France and South West (about the team)
    • Negotiated rates with our partners (for air, hotel and car rental)
    • Sophisticated and well performing digital booking tools: KDS, iAlbatros ... (learn more about our tools)

Voyages Gallia is a French family-owned agency with 60 years of existence and 58 fully invested co-workers.

Bruno Peynichou

Details of our business travel policy

  • Air, rail, hotel, rental companies and seminars proposal according to your travel policy
  • Always considering the profiles of the company and the travelers
  • Identify real-time pricing opportunities
  • Phone answer within 4 rings (or 20 seconds) for more than 85% of received calls
  • Processing of simple offline orders within 24h and within 48h for complex ones
  • Processing of urgent offline orders within 1 hour and within 4 hours maximum
  • Any quote is actually booked: 2 quotes minimum for Europe and 3 for long haul flights
  • VIP service
  • 24-hours a day service based in Paris, French bilingual staff having access to all information and records of our customers
  • Performance measurement (online satisfaction surveys)
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